Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really have to choose a property for next academic year in December, January or February? Can't I wait until the summer?

Most students look for next year's accommodation at the end of Christmas term. This is when all agencies release their letting lists. If you want a better choice of property, this is when you should be looking. If you wait until the summer, you will be left with less to choose from.

Can I put posters and pictures on my walls?

Yes you can, but please remember that you will be charged for the redecoration of any marks left on walls by fixings.... and please note: blue tack marks walls.

I damaged something. Can I save myself some money and get it put right, so you don’t charge me?

In THEORY, yes you can. BUT please remember that it has to be repaired/put right to our standards and not anyone else's. You may find you pay for something, that we feel isn’t to a high enough standard so you will end up paying twice! The most common example of this is students who repaint their rooms just before they move out. They pay for the paint and spend the time doing it (not always avoiding spilling it on the carpet!) only to find that when we inspect the room, it hasn’t been done to a professional standard, so we charge them to redecorate anyway. Please be sensible when considering repairing or redecorating something yourself... would it be cheaper in the long run just to pay our bill?

Are my belongings insured in the accommodation?

No, they’re not. We insure the building but you need to make your own arrangements to insure your own belongings. It’s always worth asking your parents to check their policy, as your belongings may be covered by that as you are away from home and in full time education.

I am staying in the same house/room for the next academic year... can I leave my belongings there during the summer?

Yes, if you are returning to the same room/flat then you can leave your personal belongings in your room. All we ask is that you don’t leave anything in any of the communal areas, and that includes the kitchen. So please box anything up that will keep and leave it in your room. Anything left in communal areas will be thrown out during the summer break as we have no way of knowing what belongs to students who are staying, and those that have left.
PLEASE NOTE: It is imperative that you return your keys at the end of your tenancy, even if you are returning to the same accommodation the next academic year, otherwise we will charge you for non-return of keys.

Can I redecorate my room?

No. Sorry, but you can't.

Is broadband provided?

Some of our properties have internet included, some don't, so please read each house detail for more info. In the houses where it isn't provided, we usually find tenants decide between themselves which service provider to use and contribute a small amount each week to the cost – another good reason to have a house meeting early on in shared accommodation.

Do I need a TV licence?

Yes, you do. Also, everyone in the house will need to chip in for a licence if you plan on having a TV in the communal area.

Does my accommodation have a cleaner?

This depends on where you will be living. We provide approximately 2 hours of cleaning per week for the communal area's of many of our larger houses. This doesn't include doing your washing up, cleaning up after parties or doing personal cleaning such as bedrooms and laundry. If you are moving into accommodation that doesn't have a cleaner we suggest that if you’re in shared accommodation, you arrange a house meeting as early as possible and agree on a cleaning rota. It’s such a simple thing to organise and can avoid a lot of fallings out with housemates later on.

Is there any parking available?

As with all cities, parking spaces are in demand. There may be car parking spaces available for you to rent (at the market rate) otherwise you will have to make your own arrangements for on street parking.

I’ve decided not to stay at Plymouth University so I don’t need my room anymore... what do I do?

Tell us as soon as possible!
The sooner we know, the more chance we have of finding a replacement tenant... Obviously if you know someone who would like to take over your tenancy, then put them in touch with us. There is a small admin fee of £75 to cover our costs and unfortunately, until a replacement is found you will still be liable for the rent payments, even if you’re not living there.

I left my shared house a few weeks before my tenancy ended. Why have I had a damages bill for something that happened after I left?

All members of the household are responsible for the communal areas until the end of tenancy, regardless of whether you have moved out early, or for example, are away for the weekend. This is clearly explained in your tenancy agreement and there are no exceptions.

Is your agency regulated in any way?

We are members of The Property Ombudsman Scheme. Please see for further info. A copy of our complaints procedure is displayed in our office.

Can I keep a pet?

As much as we’re all animal lovers, we’re sorry but we have to insist that you keep no pets.

What is your refund policy?

When you sign a tenancy agreement you are legally bound to pay the agreed rent, on the agreed dates. The only time a refund would be possible would be if you vacated your accommodation part way through a term and a new tenant was found. We would pro-rata the rent payable by each of you, and refund you the difference if you had paid more than your share. We would refund this to you within 7 days of receiving a signed tenancy agreement from the new tenant and their rent payment.